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Top Caribbean Wellness Getaways

Due to a growing demand for restorative vacation experiences, many Caribbean resorts are upping their wellness game. Some resorts have created entire vacation itineraries around health and wellness by providing unique transformational experiences for guests. Other resorts simply offer a tranquil environment for off-the-grid reflection; but one thing is for sure. Guests will definitely not […]

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The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

At My Mermaid Soul Travel I specialize in luxury resorts and custom travel itineraries in the Caribbean and watery destinations around the world. Many of the items below are available at my preferred hotels. When you book your vacation with me, I’m available to answer all your questions about what to pack for the beach, […]

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Top Caribbean Villas For A Luxury Getaway

The trend toward villa rentals is hot right now among luxury travelers, as they offer a more private, exclusive, and personalized experience than a typical resort stay. Villas often come with private pools, dedicated staff, and spacious accommodations, creating a more intimate and tailored environment compared to larger resorts. Villas may provide a sense of […]

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Five Sustainable Luxury Resorts Around The World

More hotels and resorts around the world are making it a priority to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing luxury. Some operate entirely on solar power while others use only sustainable materials in their construction. All of these resorts receive big kudos for supporting their local communities through education and employment opportunities, the use of […]

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Packing Tips For Your Next Romantic Island Escape

When preparing for a romantic island getaway, packing efficiently and thoughtfully can eliminate stress while on your vacation as well as enhance your overall experience. Here are my packing tips for an easy breezy island getaway with your plus one! *Light, breezy clothing: Pack lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, or silk. Opt for flowy […]

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Top Caribbean Resorts for Foodies

If you’re anything like me, you choose your resorts just as much by the quality of their dining as you do by the beauty of their beaches. There are some fantastic dining experiences to be had all over the Caribbean – you just need a trusted travel advisor to find them! Here is my short […]

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The Best Caribbean Resorts for Beach Lovers

With so many incredible destinations and resorts to choose from in the Caribbean, finding those with the best beaches can be an overwhelming task. Enter your trusted travel advisor (me) who specializes in all things Caribbean. Here is my short list of the best Caribbean resorts for beach lovers. Palm Island Resort and Spa, Grenadines […]

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Why Antigua Should be on Your Caribbean Bucket List

Nestled in the middle of the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, Antigua is a dream destination for sailors, yachties, history buffs, and beach bums. I was mesmerized by the island’s captivating charm, its nautical ports, the warmth of the island’s locals, and the stunning vistas at every turn. Here are my top reasons to visit […]

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How to Spend a Weekend in San Juan

San Juan is a gorgeous, historic city with so much culture, architecture, stunning beaches, and warm locals. The best part? It’s a quick flight from the US with no passport required. Read on for my tips on how to spend a weekend in San Juan. For questions about travel to Puerto Rico or to book […]

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How to Travel Solo to Aruba

I just returned from a relaxing solo getaway to Aruba and it couldn’t have been easier. Aruba’s easygoing vibe coupled with the friendliness of its locals make it an ideal destination for solo travel. Here are some tips for traveling solo in Aruba that allowed me to really unplug and enjoy my time there. For […]

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