Back From Ocean’s Edge Resort Key West

My daughter and I made a quick trip to Key West to check out this resort.  It is located on Stock Island, which is roughly a 15 minute drive from the main activity of Duval St.   The resort is brand spanking new and very private – its rooms housed in a series of Key West style  3-story buildings scattered around the property and surrounded by white picket fences, trellises, and swaying palms.  There are 6 swimming pools also dotted about the property, decorated with chic blue and white chaises, daybeds, and curtained sofas for ultimate relaxation.   Soothing music is piped throughout the outdoor spaces.  There is one open-air, waterside restaurant,  Yellowfin Bar and Grill,  serving American-Caribbean cuisine and tasty tropical drinks.  A Starbucks coffee bar is also housed in this space.  The rooms are gorgeous and also in hues of blue and white with balconies facing pristine water views.   They are well-appointed with Keurig coffee machines, a fridge,  safe, and ample storage for luggage.  A marina surrounds the property and provides a clubby, nautical feel to the resort.   The staff at the resort are warm, friendly, and accommodating.

Sounds perfect, right?  Now for the downside.   As you lie on your comfy chaise next to a sparkling pool, you look out at… a power plant!?  Yep, right next to the resort.    Ok, that’s a bummer but not a total deal breaker.   The sun feels fabulous as you drift off to sleep on your comfy chaise….until you are jolted awake by the fighter jets doing drills directly over the resort.   The hotel is close to the airport and planes are  flying dangerously low overhead most of the day.    My one final gripe is about the one and only dining option at the resort.   I ordered two sandwiches and two cocktails for lunch and the bill came to $75 with tip!  The dilemma is that their shuttle service into Key West runs only at 815 and 915 am and at 530 pm, there is no uber service on the island, and a taxi to the action costs about $50 round trip.   I suggest renting a car.   Would I stay here again?  No.  There are other options equally as luxurious that are directly in Key West and within walking distance to all the sights and restaurants.

  1. kala sheckler says:

    Thanks for good advice. Glad it was short and sweet. Ill remember this next time we go to KW.

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